Are you a foreigner?

Are you visiting Warsaw for a weekend and don’t know which attraction to choose? We’re conveniently located on the must-see historical royal route, at 22 Nowy Świat Street. Stop by New World 22 for an experience that will stay with you long after you’ve left the city.

-> This will be the highlight of your trip to Warsaw – extreme emotions guaranteed!
-> You do not have to leave the center to experience unforgettable fun with your friends – this way you save lots of time in the city.
-> You will be amazed by the sophisticated technology you will find here – you’ve never seen anything like this before.

Do you live in Warsaw?

This city has got a lot to offer, but do you keep visiting the same attractions? It’s high time for a change! Offer your friends an alternative and bring them to New World 22. Think you know your friends well? Come and find out which roles you adopt as you solve the puzzle.

-> Brand new way to spend time with friends.
-> This original entertainment will bring you even closer and provide you with memories for a long time to come!
-> Fulfil you childhood dreams of becoming a detective and entering a virtual world where you get to be one of the characters in a game.
-> Extraordinary entertainment for couples – will your usual roles change in unexpected ways when you enter this virtual world – are you truly well-matched as a couple?

Are you looking for an atypical team-building experience for your employees?

Have your employees tried everyting from paintbal to bowling? Are you looking for something fresh and new to increase their productivity? They will certainly be grateful if you surprise them with something original. New World 22 is the perfect team-building activity.

-> New World 22 is first of all a rest for your brain. This game will enable you to deal with everyday problems better and in a more effective way. That is exactly what your employees need.
-> Here, you cannot work on your own. You will achieve success only by working together. Are you sure then, that your employees can cooperate? Find out by checking out a totally new form of team-building, that will help you to discover their strongest attributes.
-> A totally new type of work co-operation. It’s time to try something new and revealing.