How long does the game last?

It lasts up to 60 minutes (depending on how fast the participants accomplish the mission). There is a short introduction before the game, so you are kindly asked to come 15 minutes before the game starts.


How many participants can play this game?

Murder in a Bar: Minimum – 1 person. Maximum – 6 people. Secret of the Orphanage: Minimum – 2 people. Maximum – 4 people.


Is there any minimum age the participants should be?

Any person can play this game.


Will children have as much fun as adults?

We accept many groups with children and ensure that it is always an amazing attraction for them and great fun. Unlike most escape rooms, in our rooms there is no mathematical operations or puzzles that prevent children from solving it.


What are the avaliable languages?

Polish and English – depending on the group.


What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash (PLN, €, $).


What if I get stuck and will not know what to do?

Before entering the game, you will get a device which will allow you to communicate with the staff. You can always choose to ask for a hint or finish the game.